Due to recent security concerns the first few questions and answers will focus on that subject.

Q. I use anti-virus software. Do I have to worry about becoming infected?

A. The unfortunate truth is – yes. A virus, CryptoLocker Ransomware, has been floating around for a few years. It comes in the form of a friendly email with an attachment. The tricky part is viruses can be found in PDF files, image files and Word macros.

Another recent security breach, Heartbleed, infected 66% of the servers on the Internet! And, it's been around for a couple of years. Worse yet, it leaves no trace of itself ever having been there. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are all popular websites that were vulnerable.

Q. If facebook can't protect itself from these security breaches, how can I?

A. Well, first, facebook wasn't alone in faiing to protect your information, Yahoo and many others did the same thing.

However, all of these companies had one thing in common that you probably don't have – an Apache server. But, that's certainly not a given. If you do have an Apache server and you use OpenSSL, you MUST patch your server.

But, most of you won't have that worry. Instead what you need to do are all the basic block and tackling. Keep your systems updated. Keep your anti-virus software updated and most of all. DO NOT open attachments from email senders you don't know.

While that's not going to keep you 100% safe, it will keep you 99% safe. Most of these viruses and security breaches don't happen to smaller businesses because, frankly, you are to small a target, otherwise known as "security by obscurity".