The playground will explore interesting web capabilities and design. Spotlighted here are some examples from one of my favorite creative scripting sites CODROPS. Each week CODROPS publishes a newsletter highlighting interesting websites and scripts. When you view any of these, keep in mind that most of them can be formatted to fit and look exactly like your website design.

Full screen overlay

Click on Full Screen Overlay to view this colorful script in action. You can use this on your home (or any other) page to redirect your viewers to a specific page or display information that you'd like them to see. It can be displayed once or every time a user visits your site.

Minimal Form

Click on Minimal Form to view this colorful script in action. Have you ever wanted to collect information simply. This simple and colorful form displays a single field at a time and prompts the user through the data collection process. Also, you'll notice a design style in all of the CODROPS scripts. This simple and clean approach has become very popular as it doesn't clutter the screen with information that isn't needed by the process.

Animated border

Click on Animated Border to view this colorful script in action. This script is a departure from the other two. First it is pretty leading edge. Second, it's a hover animation. In the effort to keep visitors eyes on you site some simple effects can go a long way. Hover over the tiles to see what a border animation looks like. Don't forget to scroll down to see all the variations.